Custom Display Cases in Toronto

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A great display case can go a long way toward making merchandise look much more appealing. There are countless display options out there, but nothing makes a store look more professional or aesthetically pleasing than the custom display cases Toronto has to offer. They can be custom fitted to just about any space and will give store visitors a better look at the items being shown. Marketing is a function of sales, and it only stands to reason that better marketing will lead to better sales. Display cases are one of the most important factors to consider for any retailer considering that they are often the most important in-store marketing tool. Custom millwork is often the perfect solution.


Custom Fit


Nothing catches a shopper’s eye like a beautifully crafted display case. The right display case can be the centerpiece of a well-designed store and can be very effectively used to set the theme for the store or to tie together other design elements. Speaking to an established and reputable millwork builder can lead to truly breathtaking displays that can be used to highlight items and draw in customers like no other tool. For a store to succeed, it needs to look its absolute best, and the best custom display cases in Toronto can be an invaluable resource. 


Marketing Tool


Effective marketing should help the proprietor show the value of goods or increase their perceived value. This in turn creates an increased likelihood of purchases. One of the most important factors when attempting to improve the perceived value of goods is how the items are displayed. It needs to be pleasing to the eye and provide the most important information required in the decision-making process leading to a sale. The best way to accomplish this is with a display case designed from the ground up for your unique purposes. The problem is that off-the-shelf display cases may not flow with the design of a particular store and might not be the best size or shape to display the goods in question. To make the most of your display case, it’s best to have a custom display case made by the finest in the industry.


Your Next Step


To ensure the highest quality custom display case that fits your space in every way, you’ll need to speak with a professional builder. Some of the best millwork experts in the GTA have done over one hundred retail and commercial interior designs in the last five years. This is a true testament to their design skills, as well as the efficiency of their build team. For a decision as important as a display case, opt for the best available in your area.


The most beautiful custom display cases Toronto has available can be the difference between a stunning store that draws in customers at a glance and a mediocre shop that looks like any other. Take the next step and up your marketing game with a custom display case that showcases your best items. From shoes to diamonds, a custom display case is sure to help improve overall sales and draw in new customers. Contact the best in the business and take your displays higher. 

Retail Fixture Supplier Toronto

By Nola
Retail Fixture Supplier Toronto
Retail Fixture Supplier Toronto
I am going to be opening my own mom and pop pet shop in Toronto and am in the process of getting everything set up in the space I have leased.
I came across your website and fell in love with the kind of work your company has done in the past.
As a retail fixture supplier, what kind of options or packages do you offer for a small business?


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
 Hi Nola,
Congratulations on venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, owning a small business can involve a significant amount of work but it is a very rewarding experience.
Thank you for considering services done by Luna Interiors as an option in the process of getting your Toronto Pet Shop up and running.

There are many options available for a retail store in terms of fixtures and the work that can be done. Our work is 100% customized and is done in accordance to the client’s wishes, the store's physical condition and architectural drawings.


Millwork varies depending on the kind of retail business that a store carries, different industries require different types of customized work. 


With that being said, based on the fact that you are opening a Pet Shop, here are some suggestions on what may be required:


Cash counter

Illuminated display cabinets

Different kinds of showcases

Slat wall panels

Slat wall gondola units

Store front and/or interior signs


Storage area and store front renovation. 

Here are some examples of the work we have done in the past in retail settings requiring different types of fixtures:
Custom Made Showcases
Retail Fixture Supplier Toronto
Custom Display Showcases and Cash Counter
Custom Jewellery Display Cases
Fully Renovated Clothing Store
Retail Fixture Supplier Toronto
I hope this has helped give you an idea of the kind of work we do and how we can help your store look it's best come Grand Opening Day!
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions, and remember to stop by our Toronto based showroom for a closer look at the products and materials we carry.
Thank you.